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Article 12: Dispersed Jousting

It's been quite a while since the last blog post.  The summer has been busy, and I've re-written and remade figures for this article a few times.  So if you're reading this, you must have come back, so thanks for sticking with me.


There's a mindset I keep running into that if you're not dodging arcs, you're jousting, and if you're jousting, your ships are in close formation, i.e., moving in the same direction, about a range band apart from each other.  This is a binary way of approaching the game, and leaves out a huge middle ground of potential formations that allow for flexible engagement against a wide range of opposing squads.  I'm not aware of any term in X-wing nomenclature that codifies what I'm about to write about, so I'm going to call it Dispersed formation for the duration of this article.  

Very basically, this tactic is spreading your ships out and converging on a target.  The exact geometry of this squad formation is pre…

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