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Article 6: X-wing basics 3, Coordinating Ships

Clarification:  the term "coordinate" is used several times in this article.  It is not in reference to the Coordinate action available to some ships, it refers to using multiple elements cooperatively.

To win a game of X-wing, a player needs to put more effective shots on an opponent’s ships than the player receives from the opponent.  No great insight there.  Article 3 discussed how to look at a ship’s arc in the context of the board state to find the parts of that arc that were more and less effective.  Article 4 discussed how to look at a ship’s dial in the context of the board state to identify places that are easy or more difficult for a ship to bring its arc to bear.  Today I’m going to build on those to look at how to combine the arcs of multiple ships to try and get the most out of their arcs.  It is the goal of this article to outline how to use multiple arcs in support of one another to make their total effect greater than their sum. 
The ability to effe…

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